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A quotation, also called a quote, is a fragment of a human expression, most often written or oral, which has been inserted into another human expression. This latter type of quotation is almost always taken from literature, though speech transcripts, film dialogues, and song lyrics are also common and valid sources.
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The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed.
Jacques Cousteau
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Addison, Joseph Gandhi, Mahatma Quran
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Bierce, Ambrose Hubbard, Elbert Seneca
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Churchill, Winston Kraus, Karl Stevenson, Robert Louis
Disraeli, Benjamin Nietzsche, Friedrich Truman, Harry S
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Paine, Thomas Twain, Mark
Ford, Henry Pascal, Blaise Wilde, Oscar
Franklin, Benjamin Patton, George S. Williams, Robin
Freud, Sigmund Powell, Colin All authors 
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