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A quotation, also called a quote, is a fragment of a human expression, most often written or oral, which has been inserted into another human expression. This latter type of quotation is almost always taken from literature, though speech transcripts, film dialogues, and song lyrics are also common and valid sources.
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Women! Can't live with 'em, can't live with 'em!
Robin Williams
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Auden, W. H. Fulghum, Robert Paine, Thomas
Bellow, Saul Hetfield, James Pericles
Burroughs, John Jerrold, Douglas Saroyan, William
Canetti, Elias Johnson, Samuel Sasuly, Richard
Chamfort Jones, John Paul Schorr, Daniel
Cole, Edwin Louis Kelly, Walt Shoaff, Edgar A.
Drucker, Peter F. Kissinger, Henry Thomas, Dylan
Ebert, Roger Kraus, Karl Twain, Mark
Fields, W. C. McCarthy, Charlie Williams, Tennessee
Fontenelle Nobel, Alfred Bernhard All authors 
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