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A quotation, also called a quote, is a fragment of a human expression, most often written or oral, which has been inserted into another human expression. This latter type of quotation is almost always taken from literature, though speech transcripts, film dialogues, and song lyrics are also common and valid sources.
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It ain't the heat; it's the humility.
Yogi Berra
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Aristotle Fields, W. C. Quran
Bible Gogh, Vincent van Roosevelt, Theodore
Bierce, Ambrose Holmes, Oliver Wendell Russell, Bertrand
Blake, William Huxley, Aldous Shakespeare, William
Carlyle, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Syrus, Publilius
Carroll, Lewis Johnson, Samuel Thurber, James
Churchill, Winston Keats, John Twain, Mark
Cowper, William Nash, Ogden Washington, George
Disraeli, Benjamin Nin, Anais Wilde, Oscar
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Plato All authors 
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