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A quotation, also called a quote, is a fragment of a human expression, most often written or oral, which has been inserted into another human expression. This latter type of quotation is almost always taken from literature, though speech transcripts, film dialogues, and song lyrics are also common and valid sources.
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Women and elephants never forget an injury
H. H. Munro
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Angelou, Maya Dylan, Bob Powell, Colin
Aristotle Emerson, Ralph Waldo Reagan, Ronald
Bach, Richard Euripides Ruskin, John
Bible Fitzgerald, F. Scott Russell, Bertrand
Byron, Lord Franklin, Benjamin Shakespeare, William
Camus, Albert Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Swift, Jonathan
Churchill, Winston Johnson, Samuel Syrus, Publilius
Colton, Charles Caleb Lincoln, Abraham Thoreau, Henry David
Disraeli, Benjamin Moliere Williams, Robin
Dryden, John Plato All authors 
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