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Quotations by author » Paul Fix
American Actor (Rifleman), 1901-1983
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I'm looking forward to competing in the is historic Formula 1 circuit. Upon my first impressions the track looks narrow and tight, I know that patience will be part of the game plan
It became evident on the pace lap that something was wrong with the exhaust, ... It had cracked and the muffler started to come off. We pitted early, which put me way back. Needless to say, exhaust fumes were getting to me, as well, so it was a pretty demanding race physically. Then, the fuel pump died with 15 laps to go, so we nursed it around and made it to the end. Our season went well. The GT-1 program gave me a chance to shine within the Trans-Am Series and to entice future sponsorship for next year. The heightened exposure helped and our plan worked.
Patience is going to be key around the narrow circuit. I'm close enough to the lead pack, I intend to stay with the lead pack and take advantage of any opportunities that come my way,
The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.
We've been making changes all day, from the first session on, ... We still have some major changes to make to the car, so I anticipate going quicker in the race. I like this track. It's different. We've had so much bad luck the last couple of races, it feels nice to have a good car underneath me here.
Quotes: 1 - 5 of 5 Pages: 1 
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