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Quotations by author » Robert Green Ingersoll
American Statesman and Orator, noted for his broad range of culture and his defense of atheism. 1833-1899
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The notion that faith in Christ is to be rewarded by an eternity of bliss, while a dependence upon reason, observation, and experience merits everlasting pain, is too absurd for refutation, and can be relieved only by that unhappy mixture of insanity and ignorance called 'faith.'
The Old Testament describes the hell of the past, and the New the hell of the future
The present is the necessary product of all the past, the necessary cause of all the future
The real oppressor, enslaver, and corrupter of the people is the Bible
The superior man is the providence of the inferior. He is eyes for the blind, strength for the weak, and a shield for the defenseless. He stands erect by bending above the fallen. He rises by lifting others.
The true civilization is where every man gives to every other every right that he claims for himself
The undressed is vulgar - the nude is pure
There are some of his sayings which show him to have been a devout Jew, others that he wished to destroy Judaism, others showing that he held all people except the Jews in contempt and that the wished to save no others, others showing that he wished
There are some truths, however, that we should never forget: Superstition has always been the relentless enemy of science; faith has been a hater of demonstration; hypocrisy has been sincere only in its dread of truth, and all religions are inconsis
There can be but little liberty on earth while men worship a tyrant in heaven.
There is no slavery but ignorance.
There is not in all the pulpits ingenuity enough to harmonize these ignorant and stupid contradictions
There is something wrong in a government where they who do the most have the least. There is something wrong when honesty wears a rag, and rascality a robe; when the loving, the tender, eat a crust, while the infamous sit at banquets.
There is the same difference between talent and genius that there is between a stone mason and a sculptor
There will never be a generation of great men until there has been a generation of free women
These contradictions are gross and palpable and demonstrate that the New Testament is not inspired, and that many of its statements must be false
This crime called blasphemy was invented by priests for the purpose of defending doctrines not able to take care of themselves
Those who have loved God most have loved men least
Those who have loved God most, have loved man least
To argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead
Quotes: 121 - 140 of 154 Pages: First ... Previous 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next Last
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