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And among His Signs Is the creation of the heavens And the earth, and the variations In your languages And your colors; verily In that are Signs For those who know
And when you journey in the earth, there is no blame on you if you shorten the prayer, if you fear that those who disbelieve will cause you distress, surely the unbelievers are your open enemy. (The Women 4.101)
Does wisdom perhaps appear on the earth as a raven which is inspired by the smell of carrion?
Friedrich Nietzsche
Earth is here so kind [Australia], that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest.
Douglas Jerrold
Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed
Mahatma Gandhi
Earth took her shining station as a star, In Heaven's dark hall, high up the crowd of worlds.
Christian Nevell Bovee
Flowers are the earth laughing.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
If we go on the way we have, the fault is our greed [and] if we are not willing [to change], we will disappear from the face of the globe, to be replaced by the insect.
Jacques Cousteau
It is to be remarked that a good many people are born curiously unfitted for the fate waiting them on this earth.
Joseph Conrad
Land: A part of the earth's surface, considered as property. The theory that land is property subject to private ownership and control is the foundation of modern society, and is eminently worthy of the superstructure.
Ambrose Bierce
Let the meek inherit the earth - they have it coming to them
James Thurber
The Earth is the Cradle of the Mind -- but one cannot eternally live in a cradle.
Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky
The earth was made so various, that the mind Of desultory man, studious of change, And pleased with novelty, might be indulged
William Cowper
You forget that the fruits belong to all and that the land belongs to no one.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Quotes: 1 - 14 of 14 Pages: 1 
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